SLOWPOKE Reactor Facility
            University of Toronto
            Toronto, Ontario
            Canada     M5S 3E5

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The SLOWPOKE Reactor Facility of the University of Toronto (SLOWPOKE-Toronto) is a broadly used, and internationally renowned, research and teaching facility, offering instrumental neutron activation analysis (INAA) services.

Because of the relative safety and simplicity of the Canadian-built SLOWPOKE reactor system, it has been possible, with the aid of on-site gamma-ray spectrometers, to convert a neutron-irradiation capability into a user-friendly analytical facility. Researchers are encouraged to provide personnel to conduct their own chemical analyses, with appropriate guidance and assistance from facility staff. Accordingly, with individuals being responsible for their own experimentation, and with equipment being centrally controlled and maintained, many researchers from a wide variety of disciplines have access to a well established, analytical technique.


  1. to provide economical multi-elemental neutron activation analysis services, to high level, multidisciplinary research projects
  2. to train graduate and undergraduate students in the technique of neutron activation analysis
  3. to provide advice to those interested in elemental analyses
  4. to raise the profile of the University in the public and industrial domain
  5. to encourage high school students to attend the University
  6. to provide analytical services to industry.

SLOWPOKE (Safe LOW POwer Kritical Experiment) Information

Phone:  (416) 978-7129
    Fax:  (416) 978-8605


Last updated:  January 11, 1998