1973 Refereed Journals and Proceedings

Chattopadhyay, A., and Jervis, R.E., "Multielement Determination in Environmental Samples by Photon Activation Analysis", Paper 8D3, Proceedings of International Conference on Photonuclear Reactions and Applications, Pacific Grove, California, Vol.11, p. 1009 (Lawrence Livermore Lab., Calif.)

Hilborn, J.W., Kay, R.E., Stevens-Guille, P.D., and Jervis, R.E., "SLOWPOKE: A New Low-Cost Laboratory Reactor", Int. J. Applied Rad. and Isotopes, 24, 509-517.

1973 Conference Presentations and Reports

Jervis, R.E., "Accuracy of Nuclear Activation Determination of Heavy Metals in Great Lakes Sediments, in Soils and Vegetation", International Symposium: Heavy Metals in the Aquatic Environment, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, December.

Jervis, R.E. and Hancock, R.G.V., "SLOWPOKE Nuclear Reactor at the University of Toronto Annual Report (June, 1972 to June, 1973)", October, 1973.

1973 Masters Theses

Csillag, E.G., (R.E. Jervis), "Selenium and Antimony in Sediments from the Lower Great Lakes".

Donyina,.K.A., (A. McLean), "Improvement of the Recovery of Gold from Refractory Flotation Tailings".

Robitaille, H.A., (J.S. Hewitt), "Total Neutron Cross-Section Measurements of Hydrogenated Terphenyl Mixtures".

1973 Undergraduate Theses

Gmazel, K.K., (R.E. Jervis), "Neutron Activation Analysis of Some Trace Elements in Human Tissues".

Ng, B.S.W., (R.E. Jervis), "Determination of Cadmium in Food by Activation Analysis with Radiochemical Separation".

Prioriello, A.P., (D.G. Andrews), "Analysis of Trace Elements in Airborne Particulates by Neutron Activation Analysis and Gamma-Ray Spectrometry".

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