1976 Refereed Journals and Proceedings

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Hewitt, J.S., Robitaille, H.A., Simpson, G.L., and Hancock, R.G.V., "The SLOWPOKE Nuclear Reactor as a Facility for Teaching the Dynamic Behaviour of Critical Systems", Trans. Am. Nuc. Soc., 23, pp. 74.

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1976 Conference Presentations and Reports

Buchnea, A., McNelles, L., and Hewitt, J.S., "The Application of X-Ray Fluorescence to the Measurement of Additives in Paper", ERDA Symposium on X- and Gamma- ray Sources and Applications, Ann Arbor, May.

Hancock, R.G.V., "Neutron Activation Analysis in Historical Research", 15th Annual Conference of Metallurgists, Ottawa, Canada, August 22-26, Paper 89.

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Jervis, R.E. and Hancock, R.G.V., "SLOWPOKE Nuclear Reactor at the University of Toronto Annual Report (July 1975 to June 1976), August, 1976.

1976 Masters Theses

Boateng, D.A.D., (C.R. Phillips), "Desulphurization of Coal by a Single-Stage Froth Flotation Process".

Gold, M., (J.S. Hewitt), "Transport Theory Evaluation of Spectral and Spatial Perturbation Due to Beam Extraction in a Neutron Medium".

Huang, Y.F., (R.M. Farquhar), "Determination of Uranium in Minerals Using Fission Tracks", 48 pp.

1976 Undergraduate Theses

Archinoff, G.H., (J.S. Hewitt), "Design and Testing of a Simulator of Nuclear Power Reactors.

Cormier, M.A., (J.S. Hewitt), "Design and Testing of a Simulator of Nuclear Power Reactors".

Liska, F., (J.S. Hewitt), "Design and Testing of a Simulator of Fast Reactor".

Sinclair, A.N., (J.S. Hewitt), "On-Line Analysis of Koalin, Titanium Dioxide and Calcium Carbonate in Paper by X-Ray Fluorescence".

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