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1983 Doctoral Theses

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1983 Masters Theses

Buelow, D.I., (T.C. Hutchinson), "Revegetating Precious Metal Tailings in Northern Ontario".

Pringle, T.G., (R.E. Jervis), "The Redistribution of Trace and Minor Elements During Coal Hydroliquefaction".

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1983 Undergraduate Theses and Reports

Cockburn, D., (R.M. Farquhar), "Neutron Activation Analysis of Old Crow Bone Fragments", 16 pp.

Daniel, C., (R.E. Jervis), "Computerized Analysis of Neutron Activation Spectra". Drozdowsky, Y., (S.S. Krishnan), "Further Biomedical Research Studies Using NAA".

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Willson, J., (D. Barham), "Removal of Hydrogen Sulphide from the Flue Gases at Bishop Building Materials".

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