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1995 Doctoral Theses

House, J., (R. Ball and P.B. Pencharz), "Amino acid requirements determined in a TPN piglet model", Department of Animal and Poultry Science, University of Guelph.

Teng, Y., (V.R. Timmer), "Nitrogen and phosphorus interactions in intensively-managed forest nursery soil-plant systems".

1995 Masters Theses

Anselmi, L., (M.A. Latta), "Recycle and rework: Huron manipulation of European-introduced metal trade goods at the Auger site (BdGv-3), Simcoe County, Ontario".

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1995 Undergraduate Theses/Special Projects

Bnaity, J., (JPA 400, R.M. Farquhar), "INAA of Pottery from Mendes, Egypt".

Drost, C., (R.G.V. Hancock), "Vertical Two Group Neutron Flux Profiles for the SLOWPOKE-2 Research Reactor".

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Zaccak, Z., (JPA 400, R.M. Farquhar), "Analysis of Japanese coins using neutron activation", 26 pp.

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