Competitive Advantages

For many years, SLOWPOKE-Toronto has been globally recognized as being part of a flexible network of inter-university and international co-operative research projects.

SLOWPOKE-Toronto is readily accessible to local researchers.

Users from outside the University come to SLOWPOKE-Toronto mainly because of the twenty-five years of accumulated analytical experience in archaeology, biomaterials, botany, chemistry, (environmental, chemical, civil and mechanical) engineering, geography, geology, medicine, materials, physics and zoology.

Facility scheduling is such that most researchers may perform analyses within a few days of their initial requests for SLOWPOKE time.

Cooperative research projects may be established with researchers from other Canadian and foreign universities for whom travel is a problem.

Industrial and commercial operations are welcome to send samples for analysis on a fee-for-service basis.

Phone:  (416) 978-7129
    Fax:  (416) 978-8605


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