Over the past twenty-five years SLOWPOKE-Toronto has welcomed thousands of local visitors to the University, either in formal or impromptu tours.

SLOWPOKE is also a regular touring feature when foreign scientists and dignitaries visit the University. A sample reputed to be Napoleon Bonaparte's hair is still the prime favourite with tourists.

Elementary and high school tours (the latter sometimes integrated with presentations by representatives from Admissions and Awards) are accommodated on request. For example, one class of local OAC physics students annually measures the half-lives of radioisotopes that they generated in personally donated hair samples.

SLOWPOKE has participated, since 1983, in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering Open House, now part of U. of T. Day. On each occasion, one to two hundred (depending on the weather) people tour the facility to see how our tiny nuclear reactor operates and how samples are analyzed, and to learn about the breadth of exciting research conducted at SLOWPOKE-Toronto.

For tours, phone 416-978-7129 or e-mail Ron Hancock.

Phone:  (416) 978-7129
    Fax:  (416) 978-8605


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